Star Command Beta Testing

We welcome you to help us test out various ideas and potential updates for our mobile game. We have builds for Mac, Windows, and Android available for download, as well as a Beta Test Signup for iPhone, iPad, or Windows Phone 8.1 beta testing due to requiring an email to allow for beta access.

- The Mobile Team

Latest Build 12042

Recently we have been squashing bugs, polishing free roam battle UI, allow auto-filling your away team, and more.

View the full changelog to see more details.


The main changes or improvements to the game was focused on our away teams testing. Be aware that our current planet generation algorithms are taking longer than desired on some devices and we haven't finalized how we want to handle it asynchronously. While we will work to reduce the time requirements we will also change it to generate in the background while traveling to a location as well as through a quick "cut scene" of either the ship landing, shuttle deployment and landing, or teleporting sequence depending on your acquired capabilities and the available or characteristics of a planet's landing zone.

We added some keyboard shortcuts: 1-9 to fire weapons, TAB to pan to and from player and enemy ship, P take screenshot. Made save screenshot asynchronous to eliminate delay opening game menu.

While we have a solid story-based linear mission system we've been working on an additional component to allow having multiple active "missions" (or sets of tasks or objectives) to enable free roam reward system utilizing away teams and procedural generation to augment our original game we've currently named Prologue. This isn't ready yet so only minor foundational components exist in this build. We plan to focus next mostly on bug fixes for the prologue in order to start finalizing our delivery package as an official released update into the various app stores.

If there are any major or medium issues that need to be fixed we will push up a build as soon as we can, but otherwise we hope to push out feature builds about every two to three weeks.

Continue to send any issues or feedback through the TestFlight app or post or message to our Facebook or Twitter accounts, or post a message on our forums.


Thank you very much for your time and we appreciate your feedback.

New item: Flamethrower

Next Build Notes

We will continue to focus on bug fixes and rigorous testing of prologue mode (original game mode) in order to get it closer to official release. While we fix bugs we will work in parallel on testing and an overhaul to the battle mechanics in free roam mode as well as continue to flesh out the away teams task-reward game play cycle.

Feature Notes (not build specific)

No guarantees of when any of these features will be added to an official release, but we'll take your feedback on which ones you prefer or those which you think need a lot more work.
  • Free Roam battles without minigames
    • currently somewhat broken
  • Large Ship with additional rooms for testing (Hull Asset not ready)
  • Additional Planet Biomes (lava, moon, ice, alien)
  • NPC characters to interact
  • Free Roam notes:
    • Planned as separate mode; might discuss merging ideas into original.
    • Possibly permadeath-only, or permadeath-option w/few things persisting
  • AwayTeams tests for planet, star mall, shipyard, and board enemy ship.
    • Blue Cross - move to another room
    • Pink/Red Tile - Return to ship or N/A
    • Other - Dialog/Items/Triggers
  • Equip-able kits: flamethrower and gravityboots
  • A dogs roaming around
  • A work in progress battle system with energy source
    • to replace minigames
    • this one is constantly being re-designed
    • we understand some people don't mind or dare we say enjoy the minigames
System Requirements
  • Android 2.3+, iOS 6.0+, WP8.1+, OSX 10.7+, Win32: Win7+, Linux - TBD
  • Win32 requires VS2013 Redistributable Installer if not already installed.
  • Android requires allowing installation from "Unknown Sources" under Security in Settings.
  • iOS requires signing up for Apple's Testflight beta testing service
  • Windows Phone requires signing up for Windows Store beta testing
  • Linux has been built successfully on Ubuntu 14.10, for Ubuntu 12.04+ in VM, can't run due to graphics drivers, need to test on physical hardware. No promises on anything yet of course: ETA, distro/kernel/driver compatibility, etc


We love getting feedback of all sorts so here's another small opportunity to interact :)

Previous Builds

Build 12039 [2015-05-21] Build 12038 [2015-05-03] Build 12035 [2015-04-14] Build 12031 [2015-02-16]

Known Issues:

  • kits aren't yet gender neutral (flamethrower male, gravityboots female)
  • random infrequent artifacts of tile map walls
  • away teams procedural generation can take a little time, be patient after choosing team

Disclaimer: Download and play the beta builds of the game at your own risk, heh.